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Our Nation's Heroes in Agriculture

Our Nation's Heroes in Agriculture

Heroes are among us. There are military men and women who have served our country that have chosen agriculture career paths. However, there are many more service members who are not even aware of the wonderful opportunities the agricultural industry holds or how their military experience may transfer into a worthwhile and meaningful career in agriculture.

Ag Warriors, from, connects military men and women with career opportunities in agriculture. It brings light to the many unique and different career opportunities that the industry holds as well as highlights the various employers looking for their talents. Ag Warriors focuses on generating awareness as well as providing helpful resources for both employers and job seekers.

For example, if you have military experience and are interested in career opportunities within agriculture, you won't want to miss this upcoming webinar from, Translating Military Experience into Civilian Speak for Employment on June 27th. This free webinar will address how service members can articulate their military skills and experiences in a comprehensive and meaningful format for hiring managers that may not have military knowledge. Make yourself stand out and increase your chances of being hired by letting your skills speak for themselves. Thank you to CHS Inc. for sponsoring this webinar.

Through the Ag Warriors program, held an essay contest earlier this year to hear directly from military men and women about their connection to careers in agriculture. We are excited to share and demonstrate through these testimonies how our nation's heroes are involved or hoped to be involved in agriculture. The many entries talked about growing up on a farm; working within the industry; hopes to pursue a career in agriculture; the people within the industry; and much more. Below are the brief entries from the three contest winners, who will be awarded an iPad for their winning submissions.

"Growing up on a farm and attending college to receive a B.S. with a focus on agriculture has led me to pursue a career in agriculture. The opportunity to work in the agriculture sector is exciting because it is ever changing! Also, agriculture is a part of every country's economy and it can make a great difference on the economic position of the country. I believe my military experience provides me with numerous skills which employers seek, such as: leadership, organization, time management, communication, and team building. All of which are necessary to be successful in the workplace."

Second Lieutenant Patricia Rodel
Army National Guard

"The Army survives on teamwork. Regardless of rank or responsibilities, a successful soldier knows he/she must rely upon his/her battle buddy to accomplish the mission. That sense of teamwork instilled in me during my time in the Army has greatly aided me in my successful transition into the agriculture industry. Agriculture revolves around farmers and all farmers depend on teamwork. They count on everyone from their seed salesman to their equipment dealer to help them maximize yields. Even though I don't work directly with farmers, everyone I work with knows they can count on me whenever help is needed."

Captain Cliff Dolbeare

"I look forward to the end of my military career and the start of my civilian career. I hope to bring my experiences, skills and training to the civilian world. I would love to find a job in the AG world somewhere. I would love to work with farmers on making their farm more productive or helping them find new products to save time while planting or harvesting. There are many fields in AG to go into. I have been looking at jobs in my area and hope to find something that my skills and experiences will assist in a new career."

Staff Sergeant Paul M Beatty
US ARMY/Active National Guard

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