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Tips on What to Include in an Online Job Posting

Tips on What to Include in an Online Job Posting

One great aspect of online job boards is that job descriptions no longer have to be written in code to fit small classified columns. At we want to help you take advantage of the space you have to ensure your posting attracts traffic. We have included a few pointers to help you create effective online job postings.

Job Title:
Make sure that the title is descriptive and is clear to someone outside of your organisation. For example: “Senior Project Manager” will generally get a better response than “Associate IV, Project Planning”.

Where is the position located? Include the city and state, unless you are posting for a regional position. Remember that the Web is international and people could be looking at your ad from anywhere.

Company Description:
Include a description of your company. Does it accurately highlight your company’s brand, mission statement and goals? Does your company sound like a place YOU would want to work?

Sell the Job:
What will the person be responsible for day to day? How does the position fit in the big picture? Why would someone want this job? Don’t just describe the position, sell it. Portray the full range of responsibilities for the position and how someone will benefit from them long term.

What skills are essential to success in the position? What skills would be nice to have? Be specific about what the job requires: you’ll save time for everyone involved.

Experience and Training:
List work experience, training, and level of education that is necessary for the position.

Outline benefits. Vacation, insurance, and retirement packages are extremely important to job seekers. Remember to include unique perks, such as specialised training to enhance skill sets or team building activities.

Pay Range:
Did you include an accurate pay range for the position? Many applicants may skip your posting if at least a general range is not included.

Clear Call to Action:
Give clear directions: Submit your resume via Apply to This Position below, by mail or whatever the case may be. Put a sense of urgency in the posting to motivate the candidate, especially if it’s a benefit because your company is growing or a project is launching.

Finishing Touches:
Have you included the keywords needed for your posting? Most search engines pull keywords from the body of the posting. Be sure you’ve included your company name, title and location in the body of the description.

Check spelling, grammar, and eliminate jargon. Can you glance at the ad and get the idea of what the position entails?

Hopefully, these tips provide you with a few new tools that you can implement to continue to increase traffic and qualified candidates to your postings. If you would like to consult on a job posting, please do not hesitate to contact myself on email phone AUS 1300 738 322 or NZ 0502 242 273.