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New Year and New You


New Year and New You


The New Year is an ideal time to reassess where you are in term of your career. It is the perfect opportunity to start afresh, rejuvenate your enthusiasm for your job and to strive for more. 2009 is completed and it is now time to look ahead to 2010. It is time for a New Year and a New You.

You may have lost your motivation or enthusiasm for your job role and this may be affecting yourself both professionally and personally. The New Year brings with it a perfect opportunity to focus on some new goals that may help you regain your enthusiasm and help you generate some ‘get up and go’ in your current role. A new goal is the perfect way to start the New Year, a type of resolution for your working life.

Whether your goal may be to get a new job or to do something more in your present position, a new goal gives you something to work for and to look forward to. The New Year is a time to look forwards and upwards, it is not a time to dwindle on the past and what might have been.

To determine your new year’s new goal, it is important to consider the following steps;


    • Commitment and conviction
You cannot go about achieving something without commitment. You also need a conviction in yourself that you will be able to achieve this new goal. Belief is paramount. You need to be a true believer, in yourself and in your goal. You have to examine yourself and asses whether you have the commitment and conviction to go for your new goal. If you are not a true believer in yourself then it is time to shift your perspective. Don't allow yourself to be comfortable with circumstances that do not further your goal. You may have to step out of your comfort zone to further your goal and this takes commitment, belief and bravery. Be prepared for this before you embark on your goal


    • Start Small
It is important to start small. Small steps increase your confidence and lead to completing other small steps. Small steps taken on a regular basis are more effective than larger steps taken inconsistently. Slow and steady wins the race. If you start too big and get knocked back, this may dishearten you and deter you from achieving what you set out to in the first place


    • Create a plan
Planning is vital. A plan adds organization to your goal because it details specific actions and steps to get there. It also allows you to asses how you are doing and helps you look forward to the ultimate result. It prevents your goal from becoming overwhelming; it creates a sense of comfort and reassures you when you feel that you may not be getting anywhere. It also provides direction and helps you be successful.
There is no right or wrong way to plan your goal, you can decide that yourself, some people like detailed plans, where as others prefer more evasive and open ended plans. It is important that you use your plan to encourage and guide you. Breaking down you goal into smaller pieces and planning a timeframe on your Calender is often a popular and effective way of creating a plane. But each individual is different and plans differently.


    • Remind yourself constantly of your goal
Make sure you constantly remind yourself of your goal and what it is you want to achieve. Make sure it becomes ingrained in you and you work towards its achievement. This will help bring motivation back into your work life and generate more enthusiasm, if you are looking forward, not backwards, and working towards something.
The New Year is the perfect time to capitalise on a new outlook. A new goal may be the perfect solution to the January blues. Remember to be brave, be committed and don’t give up. Make 2010 the year for you.