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Mastering Life and a Master’s Degree Through Distance Education

Mastering Life and a Master’s Degree Through Distance Education
By Lori Youngberg

Heather Snowgren is excited about her future. This spring she will graduate with a master’s degree she earned through the Masters of Agriculture online program at Iowa State University. It’s a degree she worked while pursuing her career at Pioneer Hi-Bred, A DuPont Company, in Global Marker Technologies.

“My Master’s degree directly applies to my work. This degree will allow me to move forward with my career in agricultural genetics,” Snowgren says.

Snowgren’s story is common among professional students in online graduate programs for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences distance education programs. The courses are designed for the working professional. The online programs allow students to earn advanced degrees at their own pace while working full time.

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers six graduate programs ranging from Master of Science in Agricultural Education to a Food Safety and Defense Graduate Certificate. The opportunity to study at one of the nation’s premiere agriculture schools at a distance is one of the best values in higher education.

What Students Say About the Program:

“I chose Iowa State’s Master’s of Agriculture program because it was the best option I found. When compared to other programs, the cost was better and the course options superior to other programs across the country.” Ben Carter, Master’s of Agriculture.

“This kind of program is the only way that people like me could participate in a Masters Degree program offered by a prestigious University, like Iowa State." Carols Gazmuri, Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business Management.

“Distance education works well for me because it allows me to be flexible when I do my work. I have also lived in three different states while working on my Masters, so it would be extremely difficult to attend classes at a set location.” Terry Sponheim, Master’s of Agriculture.

“I feel ISU is one of the top [Agricultural Education] programs in the nation offering a distance degree. Plus, they found ways that allowed me to complete my degree in a timely manner.” Karen VanDeWalle, Master of Science in Agricultural Education.

“Compared to participation in a physical classroom, the online environment is much better at soliciting participation from all students: bold or shy, knowledgeable or novice.” Brian Salmons, Community Development Master’s program.

Diverse Programs: Diverse Students

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State is dedicated to online learning. We provide quality instruction and course content to students regardless of geographic location. We combine the best traditional methods of teaching with the latest technological innovations to provide an individualized distance education experience.

Master’s of Agriculture: This program’s goal is to prepare individuals for proactive roles in addressing and responding to personal, professional and societal issues and challenges in a changing food, agriculture and natural resources system.

Master of Science in Agricultural Education: This program is designed for agriculture teachers in secondary and post-secondary settings, extension professionals, educators in public and private settings, and agricultural communicators.

Master of Science in Agronomy: This degree ensures you have an advanced knowledge of agronomic systems and superior problem-solving skills. The program emphasizes practical, professional and technical skills involved in crop management, soil and water management and integrated pest management.

Community Development Master’s program: This program is designed for community leaders, practitioners and for individuals who value community. It provides the skills, information, and networks needed to facilitate sustainable and prosperous community change. This degree program equips practitioners with the tools necessary to build community for the 21st century.

Food Safety and Defense Graduate Certificate: There is an urgent need for online education for food industry personnel who would like to pursue in-depth specialized training in food safety and security. It is intended for graduate students and food-related professionals who desire advanced education on how to effectively deal with food safety and biosecurity issues.

Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business Management: This program is focused on preparing students for management roles. Designed for professionals working in industry and government, the degree ensures an advanced knowledge of seed science, technology and basic business and problem-solving skills.

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