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Job Seeker Testimonial: The Lure of Agriculture



Jessica Moyer was on a flight from Iowa to Arizona when a conversation with a passenger led her to check out and completely change her career path. Jessica was working in Criminal Prosecution in Arizona and was on the way back from visiting her brother in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jayne Jackson, Product/Sales Manager at PigCHAMP, Inc. was seated next to her and they struck up a conversation. Moyer told Jackson about her decision to relocate to Iowa. “Jayne shared her satisfaction with her career choice and happiness with the agriculture industry; she encouraged me to consider the agriculture industry,” said Moyer. “While I knew I loved gardening, nutrition and understanding where our food came from, I had no idea that I would be able to get a job in the agriculture industry with my legal education,” added Moyer. She hadn’t previously thought about a career in the agricultural industry.

After their meeting, Moyer researched the agriculture industry to figure out what type of position would fit with her education and experience. “Upon that venture, I discovered that I was very drawn to agriculture and could see myself being motivated in the industry,” shared Moyer.

Moyer looked for a job in the legal field on and was happy to find a position as a Legal Administrative Assistant at DuPont Pioneer in Johnston, Iowa. She works in the Intellectual Property Group assisting with patents for DuPont Pioneer’s technology. “ was a great tool for my job search and was pivotal in finding the right position for me; I couldn’t be happier!” added Moyer.

This testimonial is just one of many from job seekers that have experienced the lure and rewards of a career in agriculture. There are positions available at agriculture and food companies in a wide variety of fields that people don’t traditionally associate with the industry, such as IT analysts, credit managers, human resource assistants, web developers, and many more. So share the excitement of agriculture with your friends and family that aren’t currently working in the field- encourage them to visit! There are more than 3,800 new jobs posted every month in the United States and Canada!