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Job Seeker Testimonial: How an Internship Led to Greater Opportunities

By Kristine Milbrandt, Creative Marketing Specialist,

Lucas Blauenstein learned about in an unlikely place during the summer of 2013: Shanghai, China.

Lucas first began to consider a career in agriculture at the University of Houston while studying economics and minoring in Chinese Studies.

"The opportunities for American agriculture in modern China were empowering," Lucas said. "The desire to help companies deliver on such opportunities led me to finish my baccalaureate education in Beijing."

When Lucas returned to the United States, he felt he needed more formalized experience in agribusiness. This led him to pursue a Master's degree in the Agribusiness program at Texas A&M University. His program allowed him to participate in the 2013 International Food and Agribusiness (IFAMA) Symposium in Shanghai where he learned about

"It was exciting to meet a company that had the methods and ability to connect me with enumerable opportunities in agribusiness," Lucas said. "After the symposium ended and I returned to Texas A&M, I made daily visits to, dreaming about future positions in agribusiness."

Utilizing led Lucas to pursue a part-time internship with PrimaTech USA*, a SME manufacturer of animal health and livestock products. He served as an ambassador to introduce PrimaTech USA* products to faculty, students, and ranchers in the Texas A&M community. His team worked with PrimaTech USA's Chinese distributors on "investigating the market environment, and forming strategic suggestions for critical business growth."

Lucas's internship with PrimaTech USA* attracted the attention of John Deere who recruited him as a marketing intern. After completing his Master's degree in December 2013, Lucas secured a position as a buyer with PepsiCo's Global Procurement Organization, the world's second largest agribusiness company.

" gave me the valuable business opportunity, the clarity, and the knowledge of the employment landscape that has allowed me to continue to build a fulfilling career," Lucas said. "I am forever grateful for the opportunities that I have gotten by following"

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*PrimaTech USA was purchased by Neogen Corporation in November 2013.