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Group Interviews: How to Succeed in the Crowd

By Jessica Bartow,


Group interviews – have you participated in one in the past? Going in for an interview can be intimidating. Throw in some other candidates that are listening to your interview answers while giving their own response may add in another element of nerves. Don’t worry, group interviews are not meant to scare you. The setting simply gives the employer an opportunity to see you in a group setting. Below are a few tips to help you succeed amongst other candidates.

Be Respectful

This one is very important! Employers will notice if you cut someone else off, roll your eyes at their response, or make an unnecessary side comment. While it may seem like common sense to not do these things in an interview, it is good to make a conscious effort to watch your language, both verbal and nonverbal, to ensure that you are being respectful to the others in the room.

Let others speak

Perhaps you feel like the most qualified candidate in the room – that is great! But it does not give you an excuse to dominate the conversation. This is your chance to show the employer that you work well with others. Let them speak, and show active listening while they share. You should still look for your chance to contribute, just do so in a way that doesn’t dominate the conversation.

Be friendly with other candidates

Sure, maybe your employer is not in the same room while you wait for the interview or after it is completed. Employers are looking for candidates that can seamlessly interact and get along with the people around them. Be friendly with the others interviewing, that employer could want to hire more than one candidate and may find a way to make it happen.

Overall, group interviews give you a chance to show your employer more than your interview answers. You can demonstrate leadership, teamwork, kindness, and respect toward others – and what employer wouldn’t want to hire someone with those qualities?