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Graduates - the road ahead

As exam hysteria dies down, the prospect of graduation and entry into the working world looms. It is now time to start looking for a job or graduate opportunity. Last week’s article focused on the job search; where and how to search for relevant job opportunities. This week, this article looks at your CV.

The next few articles on will look at some issues that affect Graduates when they begin their adventure into the working world.

Issue 2: Your CV
Your CV is a crucial apart of your job search. So often, people forget to update their CV before applying for jobs, therefore it is not an adequate reflection of all their skills and abilities. Here is a simple check list for updating your CV and ensuring that your potential employer forms the best impression of you. Your CV is your first contact with an employer, therefore, it makes sense that you want this to be favourable in order to ensure you secure an interview and a chance to impress your potential employer even further.

CV Checklist
How does your completed CV measure up against this checklist?

  1. My name and contact details are clearly stated at the head of the page.
  2. The information is accurate and truthful.
  3. The CV is targeted to the job.
  4. The important facts are prioritised and the most important supporting evidence is prominent.
  5. It is clear, easy to read and pleasing to the eye.
  6. It creates the right impression. (Use good quality neutral coloured paper and don't fold or staple it.)
  7. It only includes relevant information that supports the application.
  8. I have demonstrated all my relevant skills, both transferable and subject related.
  9. I have given evidence for every claim I have made about myself.
  10. The CV is interesting to read, and flows in a logical order.
  11. The spelling and grammar are correct and have been checked and double checked.
  12. There are no typos.
  13. Someone else has checked for errors.

Once you have updated your CV, it is time to put it out there for employers to consider. Look at the opportunities that are available and consider what would interest you. You can also load your CV up onto so that employers may browse through it and maybe an opportunity will find you. There are plenty of graduate programmes and jobs available, so get applying!

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