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Graduates- the road ahead

For many university students throughout Australia and New Zealand, the end of the month will signal the end of exams, the handing in of final assignments and college life drawing to a close. The label ‘student’ will be swapped for ‘employee’, as graduates embark on the first step in their careers. However, what step will this be? This question can be daunting for a young graduate looking for their first job, unsure of their skills and abilities.

The next few articles on will look at some issues that affect Graduates when they begin their adventure into the working world.

Issue 1.The Job Search
Below are 5 tips that you can use when conducting your job search. Don’t forget that has new jobs each week, and currently has graduate opportunities from top agricultural companies.

  1. Do your research: Appraise yourself and decide what sort of role you are looking for in what sort of area. Emailing lots of applications to lots of companies is not always the right way forward. Do some research, make lists of the type of jobs you are interested in, research the industry and see what companies are hiring. Don’t just concentrate on the well know big companies, remember to consider all companies, some may offer the ideal training ground for your first step into the employment world.
  2. Use the resources that are out there: Look at newspapers, including rural ones. Check out generalist jobs boards as well as niche jobs boards. Don’t forget to utilise you college careers office and take heed of any advice they offer you.
  3. Review your resume: Make sure you have an updated resume that exhibits your skills and abilities in the best possible light. There are many tips about writing a good resume in previous articles on
  4. Get used to having competition: It is important to realise that the right job will not just fall into your lap. There will be others competing for the same job as you, so you have to be prepared to work hard and apply yourself to the whole process from the application to fulfilling the role.
  5. Be proactive and don’t give up: Even if you don’t get the first job that you apply for, don’t be disheartened, keep at it and you will reap the rewards in the end.

Remember, some companies will offer specific graduate opportunities. These positions proved on the job training and essential experience. These are an ideal way to begin your career. Check out the graduate opportunities on and below.

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