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Distance Education Testimonials from NC State University


Distance Education Testimonials from NC State University


Are you considering a graduate, undergraduate degree or certificate to enhance your skills in an increasingly competitive world, but can’t attend an on-campus program? Welcome to Distance Education in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) at NC State University!

The majority of students taking distance education courses in CALS are enrolled in a degree or certificate program. One of our most popular is the M.S. degree in Agricultural Education, which attracts teachers, extension professionals, and others throughout the U.S. Students highly value the program as comprehensive, challenging, and contemporary. Below please find testimonials from students who’ve experienced this quality education first hand.

Dr. Moore,

I appreciate education being accessible to all people. It seemed that the only way to get an education was to physically attend a college or university. Living in rural Nevada, I was over an hour away from the nearest campus. In order to obtain a Master's in Agriculture Education, the closest campus would have been in Southern California.

Through NCSU distance education program, I obtained a Master's degree in my chosen field and was still able to fulfill my commitments as a mother, wife, and to my career. Through the distance education program, I didn't miss out on the educational setting. Through advances in technology and the capability of NCSU, I was able to communicate with professors and classmates to create a network of resources similar to those in a traditional university setting. Life happens for everyone and it is not always ideal, economical, or realistic to leave a career or move a family in order to further one's education. Distance education programs offer the ability to all people to obtain an education.


Heather Nield (Nevada)

Dr. Moore

Thank you for asking me to comment about the Distance Education at NCSU. I think it is the best DE program in the field of Agricultural Education that I have seen in the country. I learned and enjoyed myself more than any other school I have been to, in class or online. Thanks for the training.

Vance Bower (Virginia)

My distance education experience at NCSU was second to none and is a testament to quality distance education – and resident programs alike. My courses were challenging, informative and pertinent to my current work experience. The faculty’s enthusiasm and support reinforced the need for highly progressive technological education and allowed it to be manageable in my ever increasingly tight schedule as an agriculture teacher. I applaud NCSU for providing such an efficient and successful distance education program and refer many individuals to this wonderful opportunity.

Diana Glock (Pennsylvania)

Some of the aspects of NCSU distance education in agricultural education that I enjoyed: - the ability to complete my assignments at my own pace, while working full time - the technology such as Elluminate that allowed courses to become more realistic, as if participating in a classroom setting - the fact that the professors are people whom I have met at various Agricultural Education conferences, not just names that I never really get to know. Despite the fact that I live in New Jersey, I have met three of my five professors in person at other Ag Ed events

Kristina Guttadore (teacher - New Jersey)

I chose NC State for the ease of a fully online degree with no residency requirement. I now recommend NC State because of the knowledgeable, supportive professors, wide variety of classes, and flexibility of the program. It worked perfectly with my full time job and family and provided me the opportunity to complete my degree at my own pace.

Jessica Spence (extension agent - New York)

Many students take distance education courses to meet a prerequisite for another degree program or simply for professional and personal development. For example, Animal Nutrition is a prerequisite to enrollment in most veterinary schools; the distance education course at NC State University is highly valued as evidenced by these testimonials:

Hi Jim,

I was a student in your Animal Nutrition course through distance education a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed your course, and I've tried to keep it fresh in my mind by applying it (at least mentally) at home and at work ever since. I've applied to vet school for the past two years, and this year I was accepted off of the waitlist!

I'd like to thank you for being a great instructor and helping me get back into being a student after what was nearly a fifteen year hiatus. My experience in your class surely helped me get accepted into the DVM program.

Thanks again! Jack

Dear Sirs,

I would like to share with you how I benefited greatly from the opportunity to take Comparative Nutrition 415 as a distance education course a few years ago. The undergraduate institution I was attending did not offer a nutrition course that fulfilled the admission requirements of NCSU's College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition, there was not a local university or college offering a course meeting the requirement.

The benefits I gained from taking Comparative Nutrition as a distance education were twofold. First, I was given the opportunity to fulfill a requirement for acceptance to NCSU's CVM, and secondly, I was afforded the opportunity to take a course that was extremely well-taught and challenging. Prior to my first year of study as a veterinary student, Comparative Nutrition was my only experience with the caliber of an NCSU education. I took several distance education courses throughout my undergraduate career, but this course was by-far my most challenging, and most rewarding, distance education experience. In many respects, I learned more and was challenged more by this course than I was by a large percentage of my traditional, classroom-taught courses. The professor, Dr. Jim Croom, was extremely receptive to questions and discussions pertaining to course material via email, and it was more than evident that he was directly interested in the success of his students.

The videos and supplemental materials posted on our website, in addition to the regular lecture material, were fantastic. In fact, as a second year veterinary student, I still remember much of what I learned in that course.

I thank you for your time and hope that my experience and concerns are useful to you.

Emily Howden

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