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Compensation in 2010 - Are You In The Game?
By: Mary Barefoot, HR Services Consultant,

Are you worried about losing top talent now that the economy has started to rebound from last year's recession? If not, you should consider the potential impact this could have on your business. Many companies are concerned that high performers will be seeking employment elsewhere as the job market frees up. Last year, many companies took drastic measures cutting cost to ensure profitability in the worst of economic conditions. The affect of those strategies could be detrimental if companies neglect to adjust workforce compensation now that the tides are beginning to change.

When head count is reduced, remaining employees become increasingly vital to a company's core operations. These employees become more valuable because of cross training, decision making, and multitasking across a larger scope. From an employee perspective this is a great opportunity to increase your skill set and further develop your expertise. However, these new found skills can also lead employees to seek advanced opportunities outside the organization.

In an effort to retain core employees, companies are advised to closely inspect the impact of changes made within their organization in the last year. Regardless of the practice variety utilized, fair compensation may be muddled in reaction to these unexpected turns. Precedence in making adjustments as budget becomes available should be a priority especially for employees that have had an increase in job responsibility due to workforce reduction. In the event that the company is not able or does not wish to backfill the position, a review of the job components added to the employees existing workload should be considered. Being proactive in addressing the issue of more work for less pay will encourage employees that their extra efforts are noticed and appreciated.

2010 is a year to look at compensation trends. As the market begins to stabilize, organizations recognize the need to get back in the game of competitive market benchmarking. The importance of being up to date on market trends are of utmost importance with the risk of losing talented and high performing employees. The results can be a win-win situation if appropriately addressed.

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