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Christmas Greetings from

Christmas greetings from

Merry Christmas from I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our subscribers the happiest returns for this festive season.

Regards- Anne Cunningham. Account Manager

Christmas traditions around the world

All over the world, Christmas celebrations reflect local cultures and traditions. This article looks briefly at what people will be doing all over the world this festive season.

  • Australia- Christmas in Australia falls in the summer holiday season, so many Australian eat cold foods and seafood as well as the traditional turkey and ham. People often take a trip to the beach for a Christmas swim and often eat their Christmas dinner outside in the warm sun. Dec 26th (Boxing Day) is a day of cricket in Australia with the national team playing in the Boxing Day Test match which is attended by many and watched at home by even more while eating left over’s.
  • France- in France children put out wooden shoes rather then stockings; these are filled with gifts from Pere Noel (Santa Claus). Pere Noel carries his gifts around in a basket distributing them in the shoes of children who have been well behaved all year.
  • Ireland- Christmas lasts from Christmas Eve until January 6th in Ireland. Irish families back cakes, puddings and mince pies in the lead up to Christmas. Irish families light a red candle in their windows during Christmas to signify hospitality for Mary and Joseph
  • Switzerland- the Swiss eat their main meal on Christmas Eve rather then Christmas day, the whole family come together and indulge in a great feast before attending Midnight Mass together.
  • Italy- the Italian perform the main exchange of gifts on January 6th, The Feast of the Epiphany. Children often wait and hang their stockings on this date.
  • Holland- has SinterKlass who comes on the feast of St Nicholas (Dec 8th) He wears long red robes and big cone like hat on his head.
  • China- Although Christmas is not a legal holiday in China, those who celebrate it decorate their houses with beautiful paper lanterns in the run up to December 25th and the arrival of Dun Che Lao (Santa Claus)
  • Ethiopia celebrate Christmas on January 7th with a big celebration in which everybody traditionally dresses in white
  • Germany- Advent Wreaths are popular in Germany, these are four candles in a bed of pine and greenery, one candle is lit each Sunday in the lead up to Christmas.
  • USA- Thanksgiving is the big feast in the USA. However, Christmas is celebrated throughout America with large Christmas decoration displays and large trees in family homes. Santa comes on Christmas Eve in his sleigh led by reindeers and gives gifts to the children. There are a number of ice rinks set up in the Christmas season and towns and cities are lit up by great displays of lights.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.