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Career Resolutions



A New Year means everyone is talking about resolutions. Retailers are promoting the latest exercise equipment, self-help books and diet aids. Perhaps the term is overused, but resolutions can still be helpful for your job search and career advancement.

“I resolve that I will not get discouraged!” Easier said than done if you’ve been out of work for awhile and keep getting rejection letters. Remind yourself that a “no” also means the employer wasn’t right for YOU, not just that you weren’t right for the employer. Every application filled out, cover letter written and interview adds to your expertise as a job seeker and will eventually pay off. Practice and experience can make you more comfortable and effective in future job search activities.

“I resolve to find a different job!” Take time and think about this carefully if you are currently employed. No matter where you work, there will always be something you don’t like, whether it is your boss or co-worker, vacation policy, pay or company culture, just to name a few. Determine what is most important to you. Can you work at a job when you enjoy what you do, but the pay is less than desirable? Can you stay in a position where you love your co-workers, but can’t stand your boss? If you dread going to work every morning, it’s typically time to start searching for something new. Resolve to update your resume and get current information for your references over the next month. Update your LinkedIn profile and ask for recommendations from your current and previous supervisors and associates.

“I resolve that I will not procrastinate!” Review the featured employers’ jobs postings and highlighted jobs on the weekly e-newsletter. Set a reminder to search for jobs on at least once per week. Set-up a job search agent in your account to help you quickly find jobs with criteria that are of interest to you. When you find a job posting, do not delay or procrastinate getting your application in! Although some employers list an “Open til” date on their posting, not all do. A job posting could expire that next day or in a week after you’ve seen it. If you’ve listened to our suggestion above to have your resume and references updated, you’ll be able to submit your application quickly through Don’t miss the perfect opportunity!

Start the New Year on the right foot with resolutions to make your job search strategy more effective. Visit the newsletter archives to find more helpful advice.