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Attracting Top Candidates to Hard to Fill Roles

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Attracting Top Candidates to Hard to Fill Roles

In a candidate short market it is sometimes easy to forget that there are truly fantastic applicants applying to positions all the time. So what is going to make these truly fantastic applicants not just apply to your job ad’s but want to accept a position within your organization. Read on to discover 5 ways of attracting top candidates.

1) Market Awareness - Compensation is always a major factor when it comes to top candidates. When looking at compensation make sure you are aware of industry standards for more than just base salaries. Many roles often include features such as a company car, mobile phone, fitness club membership. If such features are standard inclusions in salary packages for positions such as the one you are looking to recruit for you need to include them. Otherwise top candidates will not see value in your organization. This information should be included in your job ad. Top candidates know the benefits they will be looking for and will be sure to keep an eye out for them from the beginning of the application stage.

2) Point of Difference - When a decision about which organization to work with is not only about compensation your organization needs to develop a point of difference. A point of difference can be flexibility, i.e. the ability for an employee to take responsibility for their own work hours. Even something as simple as a casual work environment can be a major point of difference for a candidate coming from a very corporate position. Again make sure you highlight any points of difference your organization has throughout the recruitment process. Not only will it help attract great applicants but it will also attract they type of applicants who are more likely to be a ‘good fit’ within your company.

3) Employer Brand - A well known employer brand is an invaluable tool when attracting great applicants. If you have an established employer brand already in existence the recruitment process is considerably easier. If not, a simple step such as setting up a clear easy to use website can boost the exposure of your brand.

4) Climate Assessment - Are the employees who are currently employed within your organization happy to be there? If it is known throughout the industry that your organization has a great culture with happy employees more top candidates will also want to work for you. A climate assessment will help you to understand how your current employees feel.

5) Flexibility/Negotiation - If you have a candidate who is a high achieving perfect fit for your organization, chances are they are also highly sought-after by other organizations. This means that you will have to be willing to be flexible and negotiate with this candidate.

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