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Are You Willing to Relocate?

By Bonnie Johnson,


If you’re willing to move for a new job, shout it out loud and proud! It’s an easy way for you to stand out to employers and expand your network of opportunities.

Unemployed candidates report that the most significant perceived barrier to finding a new job is the lack of opportunities in their location, although 80% of those surveyed are willing to relocate. Whether you’re currently employed and passively looking at career options, or unemployed, the key is getting this message of flexibility across to potential employers.

Employers also note frustrations with the lack of candidates in their area and unwillingness to move. In the current pandemic situation, we’ve seen growth in temporary, seasonal job opportunities. Even if you are only willing to relocate temporarily, now is the time to give it a try!

How to communicate your willingness to relocate:

  • The simple first step is to check the “Willing to Relocate” box when setting up your Job Seeker Profile.
  • Next, add your resume to the Database and check “Yes” you are willing to relocate when posting your resume.
  • Incorporate your relocation goals in your resume text.
  • When applying to a position, include a cover letter outlining your ability to relocate.


Even if you can’t see yourself moving right now, don’t shy away from applying to types of jobs that may allow remote work (even if it’s not stated in the job posting), such as sales, marketing, communications, engineering and IT. Due to COVID-19, increasing numbers of employers are accommodating work from home or remote working (15% for all employees; 68% for some employees). Obviously, this is not an option for most production and operations positions, so take this under consideration.

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