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Advanced Search Announces 2010 Ag HR Roundtable Topics

August 2 - 4, 2010 • Minnetonka, MN • Register is pleased to announce the topic line-up for the 2010 Ag HR Roundtable. This is the event’s eighth year and holds great potential to be the biggest and best conference yet. Mark your calendars and plan to attend the Roundtable, August 2 – 4, 2010. Thanks to our host, Syngenta, we will be holding the conference at their new Syngenta Seeds office in Minnetonka, MN. Register today – click here!

The Ag HR Roundtable is an event like no other that brings together human resource professionals, university and college career services and faculty, as well as association representatives within the agriculture industry to discuss recruitment and retention issues. This event is a great educational opportunity, but participants also appreciate the exceptional networking that takes place.

In mid-January, the Roundtable Organizing Committee gathered in Minnesota to begin to plan for the 2010 event. Thank you to those participating members of the Organizing Committee! From that brainstorming session, the following schedule of topics was developed for the 2010 Ag HR Roundtable. Check out the conference webpage for further detail and additional activities being planned.

2010 Ag HR Roundtable Topics:

Keynote Address: Today’s Talent Market – Tomorrow’s Future
This opening address will provide the framework for the conference and outlook on the job market within agriculture and food, as well as highlight some of the ‘hot’ jobs that hold potential and high demand for the pipeline of talent exploring careers in agriculture and food.

Stepping Up Selection Practices for Improved Hiring
With a variety of applicants entering agribusiness organizations and advancement in selection tools, knowing which practices are most efficient and effective is complex. This session will share ideas for selection best practices for entry level and experienced professionals and also review some of the top tools/practices available for streamlining the process.

Students Unplugged: What They Want from Their First Job
Through an interactive student panel, participants will gain insight into what students actually want in their first job and where they feel employers are striking out. This fun session will allow participants to ask specific questions of these soon-to-be employees of the agriculture industry and get some honest answers.

Human Resources for a Flat World
Expansion globally, specifically when it comes to talent management, is a growing trend and not only for large organizations. Managing the human resource practices and implications of a global workforce poses new challenges. This session will be presented by an organization that has gone through the process and will allow participants to learn from their trials and successes.

The Government’s Impact on Human Resources Practices
With potential changes to healthcare and other political actions that could impact organizations and their employees, this session will review the landscape of political regulations that impact human resources within companies. The presenter will review current legislation, but also any anticipated changes to better prepare the audience for what is to come and how it could change business as we know it.

Beyond the general sessions, the Ag HR Roundtable will continue to feature concurrent sessions that will allow participants to narrow their focus and attend sessions specific to their needs. This year, we’ve broken the concurrent sessions into three tracks – one for university and colleges, one with a recruitment focus, and one focused on human resources practices. There will be two sets of three concurrent sessions and each set will feature a session from each track. Participants do not need to follow a particular track for both sessions if they so choose.

This year’s concurrent sessions include:

University College Focus
- Beg, Borrow, and Share – University and College Career Services Discussion
- An Employer’s Student Wish List

Recruiting Focus
- Breaking the Mold: Selling Candidates that Don’t Fit
- Filling a Void – Recruiting at 2-year Schools

HR Practices Focus
- Recruiting and Integrating Immigrant Talent into an Organization
- Retention Strategies for Success

Also, don’t miss the number of fun, networking opportunities! We continue to plan for tours before and after the event. And will have a variety of optional educational breakfasts, including Table Topics; Become A LinkedIn Guru; and Agriculture 101. You won’t want to miss this year’s evening dinner on Tuesday either. Again, for more detail about the Roundtable or to register – click here!

Don’t Forget: Western
North American Ag and Food HR Roundtable
May 3 - 5, 2010 • Monterey, CA

Similar to the Midwest event, this Roundtable will also cover great educational topics and offers exceptional networking, but will be focused on content and contacts from Western North America. This is the event’s second year and we are very excited to bring this opportunity out west again and have a chance to learn with our Western US and Western Canadian clients. For more information about this event or to register – click here!