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Writing Job Advertisements

By Australia


Whether you are in Human Resources and its part of your daily routine or are you are just called upon infrequently, writing an effective job advertisement is an important task.


There are many reasons to write a great job advertisement, the least of which is time, your time.   If you are the person vetting applications, you don’t want to spend time reviewing an enormous amount of resumes from applicants with an experience and skillset mismatch.


Another key motivator should be your organisation’s image.  Anything from a branded with-compliments slip to a national television commercial should be undertaken professionally.  Remember, a job advertisement is just another communication from your company, giving the outside world sometimes their first impression of you.


There are many key elements to writing a successful job advertisement and you may wish to consider the following


The Position Title

If you are at the stage of writing the job advertisement, this position title has already been agreed. Don’t forget you can add a word or two for the advertisement to ensure applicants understand your requirements.


If recruiting a Farm Manager, what will they be responsibility for?  Should it say Farm Manager - Citrus, Farm Manager - Poultry, Farm Manager - Livestock etc.  While you considering this you could also add the location – eg Farm Manager, Poultry – Northern NSW. 


A little about the company

Include a brief description of your company and provide a realistic, but positive paragraph about it.  Statements like “We are an international exporter of produce experiencing an exciting growth phase” should definitely sell your organisation to an applicant. Tip - Don’t forget to include your logo.


A short description of the role

We’re all guilty of it when reading, if we are not interested in the first few paragraphs, we won’t read on. Put an effort into the introduction you write for advertisement if you want the applicant to read on.


Format is key

  • Make it easy to read online.  Ensure you leave space and not just write long paragraphs of information that your applicant needs to read and reread again to obtain the information they need.
  • Use sub headings and bullet points – your candidate will easily be able to find what they need to know


Talk directly to the applicant

  • Avoid phrases like “The successful applicant will….” and instead use “You will be a motivated self-starter with a proven track record in agricultural machinery sales” for instance.


The Essentials

  • Ensure you include Essential and Desirable Criteria, this will include experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications. 
  • Make sure you include if the role is carried out in a team environment or independently.
  • Your job advertisement is not the job description – leave out things like ‘who reports to whom’ and clearly state what you are looking for in a candidate instead.
  • Ensure you include the must haves, such as holding a particular driver’s licence or having Australian residency.
  • Include a ‘Call to Action’.  What do you want, a cover letter with their resume? Is it essential to address the Selection Criteria to be considered?
  • Application closing date. If you have one, include this date to ensure candidates know how long they have to apply.


Once you’ve put the effort into writing an effective advertisement, you will have created a tried and tested formula to use over and over again.  Written well, your advertisement should lessen the number of applications received which are not a skill match to the role on offer.


It’s important to take the time to draft your advertisement, as this vital online document will ensure you’ll have the best chance of leading the right candidates to you.