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Working Through Career Displacement


A job is never guaranteed nor permanent.  Losing your job can take an emotional toll and have a real impact on your self-confidence. 


There can be many reasons for losing a job, including:

  • Economy
  • Industry factors
  • Lay-offs/downsizing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Personality differences
  • Poor performance
  • Breaking company policies


Even if you weren’t totally caught off guard, it can be a shock to the system realizing you don’t have to be at work and have lost that structure to your routine.  Take a breather, relax a day or two, and then it is time to get back to work!  Your job now is to become the best candidate you can be! 

Some reasons for displacement are unavoidable and have no relation to your talent.  No matter the reason, start by examining what went wrong and what you can improve upon.  Then it is time to act and make the most of your open schedule.  Find out how you can work through career displacement in the following video:’s Elite Talent can assist high-demand skilled professionals, executives and senior managers navigate through displacement in search of a new career.  Elite Talent is a private online community from where experienced, quality-checked professionals within agriculture can connect with agricultural employers, explore career opportunities, and access career transition resources in a controlled and confidential manner.  Qualifying individuals may set-up their Elite Talent membership and see the full video on dealing with downsizing.


Additional information on coping with displacement for any level of employee can be found by  viewing our Impact of Career Displacement video or reading our Dealing with Being Let Go Blog.