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Why Do I Need To Keep Up With Workplace Technology?
By Sonya Buck, Australia

If you have been in the workforce for quite some time for as long as I have you would be able to recall the massive change in technology over the years. From Telex machines and enormous rooms housing computer mainframes to Email and Laptops, things have changed considerably.

In the Agricultural sector whether working in the support service area or on farm, change has kept the same frantic pace.

There are so many reasons to ensure you keep up with workplace technology including:

Being More Employable
We now realise that many of us will not stay with the one employer for life, as our parents and grandparents may have done, therefore we must be prepared for future roles. As larger companies in particular introduce new technology to increase efficiencies they will seek employees with the skills to fulfil these requirements.

Workplace Efficiency
As an employee you don’t want your work to be a labour intensive chore. Achieving competency using workplace tools whether in the paddock using time saving machinery or in the office using the latest accounting computer program, will enhance your ability to complete your work. You might even be able to go home on time! If you are an employer you want to utilise efficient workplace practices, because as we know ‘time equals money’.

Replaced By The Next Generation
The phrase “We’ve always done it this way” needs to be jettisoned from our vocabulary, as it will be absent from the new generation of young people coming into our industry. Staying relevant and embracing new technologies will aid your job security.

Save Money
The initial outlay you make for the ‘you beaut’ post hold digger, may save you days in labour cost. Using the tablet for your mobile point of sale system, could save time walking back to the front desk of the produce store with a list of items to enter into the register, freeing you up to serve your next customer. Your delivery van GPS will decrease the time spent on road instead of in the warehouse, say no more!

Unless you have mobile coverage and internet issues, it’s time to replace that clunky little brick you currently use for a smartphone. Smartphone APPS can now tell you how much water you have in your paddock water troughs and update you on weather warnings, just to name two handy functions. You’ll be able to surf the net for a replacement tractor part and receive all your emails in the paddock.

It’s true that not all workplaces will be open to embracing change or simply have the financial resources to keep up with the rapid pace of changing technology. Depending on your future career plans, you may need to obtain outside training to ensure your skills are kept relevant should you wish to move on.

Whether you can gain experience elsewhere volunteering to operate the latest farm machinery or do some external study in the latest computer software, keeping up with the latest technology will aid your career progression for the future.

From the horse drawn plough to our modern tractors, change will continue to occur and we just need to embrace it.