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Why Attend a Virtual Career Fair

By Kristine Penning,


You may have heard about our June 13 virtual career fair event and experienced skepticism. How could a virtual career fair experience compare to an in-person career fair? Is it worth my time (and if you’re an employer, money)? Here’s the short answer: it’s what you make of it. And the June 13 Resume Database Career Fair has a lot of exciting things going for it.


For Employers:


It’s Efficient & Inexpensive


Hiring takes vast amounts of time, resources, and money to find the perfect candidate. Career fairs, a great avenue for hiring and meeting with potential candidates, are great resources, but they’re also scattered across the country. Instead of travelling great distances and investing a great deal of money, why not discuss career opportunities with a multitude of diverse candidates directly from your office for only $395 (until Friday, May 26)?


Reach More & More Diverse Candidates


Currently, there are more than 250 job seekers registered for the June 13 event with varying backgrounds and from various locations throughout the United States and Canada. Here is a breakdown of those currently registered:


  • 40% have a Bachelor’s degree
  • 40% have a Master’s degree or higher
  • 10% have an Associate’s or Skilled Trade degree; 10% are current students
  • Majors vary from IT, business administration, food science, communications, electrical engineering, animal science, plant breeding, political science, and much more
  • 75% are willing to relocate
  • 91% are seeking full-time employment


For Job Seekers:


Connect with Agricultural Employers in Real Time


Like employers, forget travelling long distances to participate in a career fair. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. For many job seekers, in-person career fairs are not an option due to where they live, current job restrictions, and accessibility. A virtual career fair takes the barriers out of connecting effectively and efficiently with employers. Join them in an open chatroom to discuss employment opportunities or ask about their company. You may even be asked by an employer to join them in a private chat to more personally discuss opportunities. View a list of currently-registered employers here.


Get registered for the June 13 Virtual Career Fair now. We look forward to virtually meeting you there!