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When You Know It’s Time To Move On
By Sonya Buck, Australia


Things certainly have changed since our parents and grandparents participated in the work force.  For one thing it’s quite rare to know someone who stays in the one role or workplace for life.


Thankfully employers now recognise that it isn’t necessarily a negative to have a few employers on your resume, actually it can show you are trying to better yourself.


Many of us may go through a rough patch at work and this passes, but what if it doesn’t?


How do you know when it’s time to leave?  There are some clear signs which can lead us to conclude that it’s time to move on.


The desire to stay in bed longer and longer
Unless it’s mid-winter and bitterly cold, ignoring the alarm clock and not wanting to get out of bed on a work day may be a signal your current employment may not be right for you.


Sunday becomes Monday
On Sunday evening (or even Sunday afternoon) your thoughts turn to work and a feeling of dread comes over you.


Your work slows to crawl
At work, you’ve lost all motivation and even the smallest tasks take longer and you are distracted easily. Facebook and text messaging may be frequently drawing your attention away from work and you could find yourself surfing the net.


You’ve lost your mojo
You may feel constantly tired and feel stressed and you may argue with your colleagues and boss easily. You’ll probably find yourself complaining about work to all who will listen.


Health – What’s that?
Whether through stress or overwork, you may find yourself feeling sick quite often and it may take longer for you to recover from any illness.  You mightn’t be able to sleep which doesn’t help with your overall health.


The ladder rungs don’t appeal
If you’ve learned all you can you in your current role and don’t see yourself carrying out any other roles in your organisation, consider a move.


Having lots of ‘sickies'
You may wake up with the mildest of ailments and you decide you are going to stay home from work.  The number of days you may be taking off sick may be getting more frequent.


Your company is on a downward spiral
If you can see the future for your company looks bleak, it may be best to bail out early.  You’ll avoid being part of the unemployment queue caused by your organisation’s closure.


You are doing more for nothing
If the employer constantly adds to your workload without increasing your remuneration year after year, they are not valuing your contribution.


You hate your boss
If you’ve tried everything and you just can’t get along, it could be time for a change.


It’s important to remember we may all feel a bit burned out or flat before our holidays or at the end of the year and this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to change your employment. If you return all refreshed and ready to tackle your next project (maybe not the first day back!), you are in the right role for now.


Job satisfaction is so important to our overall happiness, as we spend so much time working each week.  Don’t let your employment affect your life outside of work or ruin the majority of your waking hours.


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