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What’s the Perception of your Employer Brand?


By Bonnie Johnson,


How do current and prospective employees, including students, view your employer brand?  More than half of agribusinesses surveyed said they have implemented, or plan to implement an employer branding strategy.  Nearly half of companies plan to do more graduate recruitment in the next five years, mainly due to competition for talent and career progression/succession planning. *


Candidates say a potential employer’s brand is important to them when deciding which job they will apply for.  How do you increase brand awareness and positive impressions of your brand among young professionals and students?


Make strides in spreading positive word-of-mouth among this target audience.  Evaluate and fine-tune your internship program with the Internship Benchmark Survey.  Expand your on-campus brand with the Ag & Food Career Guide.


The Internship Survey


The Internship Benchmark Survey provides both positive and constructive feedback from interns in an anonymous analysis. This affords employers an opportunity to gauge student expectations and deliverables. Not only do you get to review what your own interns expect, but you can see the expectations of interns throughout the industry. Participants use results to make improvements in their internship program to recruit top talent more effectively. 


Discover additional details for the 2017 Internship Benchmark Survey – see how your intern program stacks up to the competition!


The Career Guide


The Ag & Food Career Guide connects students and young professionals with your employment brand.  The publication serves as a resource guide this audience s as they go about their career search.  Educational articles on interviews, resumes, mentoring, and more engage and sustain readership.  Employers’ profile pages provide branding recognition for agricultural organizations and a direct connection to students interested in ag and food careers. 


The Career Guide is distributed to more than 150 unique university and college ag departments, career services offices and faculty.  It is also distributed by nearly 50 other educational organizations, direct mailed with the September issue of Agri Marketing, and distributed at career fairs and industry events across North America.  The online versions reach even more students and industry professionals:


U.S. 2016-2017 Ag & Food Career Guide

Canadian 2016-2017 Ag & Food Career Guide


Join the other elite agribusinesses recruiting top new talent in the Career Guides – for details, view our Media Kit.


*2016-2017 U.S. Agribusiness HR Review