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Ways to Make a Bad Job Bearable




Sometimes you can find yourself in a job which is less than ideal and unfortunately for financial or other reasons, you just can’t pack up and leave.

What can you do to make your work day more bearable?

  • Look for ways to make things better at work. Making improvements on work processes might make your workload more tolerable. Depending on the type or size of change, you may need to ask your boss beforehand.


  • Focus on things outside your work like your family, friends, sports or other interests. This will take your thoughts away from how miserable you may be feeling at work.


  • Give positive feedback to your colleagues. They may be feeling as miserable as you and need a boost.


  • Make sure your lunch break really counts. Maybe do some sport, read, listen to music, meet friends or in the least, ensure you take your break away from the office.


  • Look inward. What is making you feel this way? For example, if not feeling challenged, ask your boss for more responsibility or projects.


  • Focus on what your jobs provides. It might be paying the mortgage, holidays, your children’s education. These may be the reasons why you work and imagine if you didn’t have the money for these.


  • Ensure you hang with happy coworkers, but ensure you bring positivity with you. Sometimes colleague friendships can help fill the void of a bad or boring job.


  • If your job and employer permits, grab some headphones and listen to your favourite music. On the road? If you find long drives between clients boring, maybe use music or audio books.


  • Make a timeline for how long you plan to stay in this job. If you need to study to make the move to your next role, start now on a part time basis. If using public transport, you may even be able to study on the commute.


  • Leave. Yes, if you are able and you know nothing is going to fix this bad job, find a new one. At least you have something while you are looking. Try



Lastly, don’t let your job impact your health. Ensure you eat, sleep and exercise. Don’t dump on your partner, family or friends about your job each night.

If you take steps to improve your current job or take you to the next, things will improve before you know it. If you can’t bear to stick with your current job, start searching now on