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The Benefits of Working in a Rural Area
By Sonya Buck, Australia


I find this is a tough article to write, as it's difficult to not show bias.

I’m a happy tree-changer and very fortunate to have moved to a rural area after working in the Sydney C.B.D and Sydney's west for over 20 years. Equally, I am certainly very familiar with the benefits of working in a rural area.

Before we discuss benefits you need to determine how 'rural' you want to go. Consider the different options:


  • Regional Centres - a larger city or town centre outside major cities that support both their local population and also the surrounding rural population
  • Country – rural areas that have a lower population density, however still have access to services within nearby regional town centres
  • Bush – remote locations that have very low population density and greater distances from services, in some cases requiring several hours of travel to reach the nearest town with facilities

All of these options have their positives and negatives and your personal or family circumstances may dictate what’s right for you.

Going rural has some fantastic benefits:

Relaxed Lifestyle
Once you move out of the 'big smoke' you won't believe how much freer you feel from the hustle and bustle of the city. Time appears to pass slowly and at a more relaxed pace.

The Commute
Your work may be a 30-minute commute from home, but the 30 minutes is a no-stress journey. The trip may involve easy country driving and not bumper-to-bumper traffic. I now think two cars waiting at a roundabout is a traffic jam!

Close Knit Regional Community
In the country, there is so much opportunity to get to know neighbours and the people in your own community through sports, interests, community groups and through your children. Admitting you don't know something and asking for advice can start new friendships. Get ready to wave at all drivers of the cars you meet on the drive to and from work.

Housing Affordability
It's amazing what you can buy in the country versus the city; a city unit can equal a beautiful house on acreage when you go regional. Also moving rural buys you a thousand stars! You may also be able to lose that big mortgage currently weighing you down.

Great Schools
Many Regional Centres offer some great schools and even universities. Where you may have considered a private boarding school for your children if you lived in the city, you could now take up the day student option. Government schools also provide a great education including friendships with terrific country kids.

Health Benefits
With less stress, the easy commute, and fresh country air, it has to have a positive impact on your health.

For me, moving to the country was a no-brainer, but I understand rural living may not be for everyone. Going inland is a great option if you are tempted to make the move and want to 'live the dream'.