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10 Tips to Get That Promotion

By Sonya Buck,


We all have different motivations for everything, including wanting a promotion.


You may want a promotion to receive recognition for doing the hard work, or you could be so efficient at your current job that you no longer find it fulfilling. However, probably the most common reason is wanting or needing an increase in salary.


Before you can even consider what to do to get a promotion, you need to establish what type of business or organization you are working for and if there is the scope for a promotion.


Sometimes, particularly in small business, roles may be filled by the same person year after year until they retire, or the business may just be too small to offer you that next rung up the career ladder. Surprisingly, there are larger workplaces that do not offer an environment where employees can progress as well.


If you feel you are in a workplace which supports career progression, here are some tips to help you help you get promoted:


  1. Concentrate on your current role and deliver over and above expectations.
  2. Make sure the promotion decision makers are aware of your achievements. Keep in close communication with your supervisor so they have the opportunity to notice without you singing your own praises.
  3. Don't be afraid to tell your supervisor about your career goals. You can’t expect them to know this for every employee without a discussion.
  4. Become a problem solver. If things go wrong, before you go to the boss to announce the problem, if appropriate, fix it first and then tell them. At least take both the problem and possible solution to the boss.
  5. Don’t get involved in office drama. Your boss will notice and note this when considering your promotion. In particular, don’t trash the company or the managers.
  6. Show initiative, this adds to tip 1 – going over and above what’s expected.
  7. In office environments they say ‘Dress for Success’ and the advice is to dress for the job you want, not the job you are doing. This may not be relevant for many agricultural roles, but you should take this one step further. You may wish to copy and adopt the workplace behaviors of a good supervisor.
  8. Don’t be a clock-watcher. Senior staff is more likely to put in the extra time and it will be noticed if you are out the door at the exact minute the business closes.
  9. Become indispensable and ensure your superior knows you are available to relieve in other roles should a colleague go on leave or be sick.
  10. Make sure you are sociable. You won’t be considered for a promotion if you do not get along with other employees. This means to attend the work social functions, but don’t stand around chatting at work all day.


If you have tried everything or now recognize your workplace isn’t conducive to employees progressing, learn everything you can and use the experience to get a promotion elsewhere.


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