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Streamlining Your Search


By Bonnie Johnson, Marketing Associate


If you’re in the job market, you want the search to be quick, simple and effective.  This is especially the case for more than 80% of our users who are currently employed.  Most candidates today turn to online searches to find out about new job opportunities.  At any given time there may be over 8,000 jobs posted on  So how do you make the most of your time and find the positions that are a fit?


  • Utilize the advanced search function:  Located in the right corner of the green bar on the homepage, this is your portal to a more specific and targeted search.  Search by an exact phrase, career type, region, years of experience and more. 



The “Exclude words” box can be particularly helpful if your search is returning too many results to sift through.  For instance, if you know you don’t want to work for XYZ Company, put their name in the “Excludes words” box.  Likewise, if your results include things you are not interested in, type that word in the Excludes box.  For example, if you are interested in marketing but do not want sales, type “sales” in the Excludes words box. 


  • Set up a job search agent:  Are you always conducting the same keyword or location search?  Set up a job search agent that will automatically find jobs that meet your criteria each time you login.  You can add multiple agents by keyword, industry, state and more.  After logging into your account, go to “Job Search Agent” under the job seekers menu to view or setup your agent(s).


  • Save jobs:  You may be browsing for jobs, but rarely do you have time to apply as soon as you find an opening.  Simply click “Save this job” when you are on any job posting and it will automatically be saved to your account to view and apply later. 


  • Upload your resume(s) and/or cover letters:   You can upload multiple copies of your resume and cover letter to your job seeker account.  This can save time when applying to jobs since you will have the option to use a resume or cover letter from your account (however we do still recommend customizing these for each job). 


Please note that several of these advanced features require you to have a free Job Seeker Account.  Simply create a profile at the following link: