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Stand Out to Potential Employers


What makes you exceptional? Standing out to prospective employers may be simpler than you think. You probably check many of these boxes already, so develop your plan for communicating them. If you don’t, brainstorm ways you can start getting involved and building your experience!

1) Create Connections
Networking, networking, networking. Even if you’re applying for a position you found online, connections can help you get the job. Employers talk and references are key, so take the time to establish contacts with people in the industry. Don’t be afraid to use your resources too; ask a previous employer or an organization you’re involved in to send a recommendation letter to a potential employer testifying some of your key strengths or positive work attributions.

2) Service
Service is a tremendous demonstration of character. An employer can learn a lot about your willingness to assist and compassion for others. Service trips through volunteerism, public service projects, or even just putting in some hours at the local food bank are all great ways to serve your community (plus we’re supporting #1 – building connections!).

3) Qualifications
Holding a leadership role is so much more than the title. Become active in a position so you can discuss the skills you acquired. For example, the event you helped organize or an organization you were able to sponsor through a fundraiser. Employers are looking for someone who not only has the experience but also the determination and readiness to learn.

4) Research the Company
Employers expect you to know general information about their company. Standing out can be as simple taking a little extra time to learn more about the organization, such as new products or services released, celebrations, and other news-worthy events. Employers can tell when an interviewee has taken the time to research and prepare for the interview. Come equipped with questions about news you discovered while researching the company. Uncover a unique feature about the business and express that to the interviewer.

5) Send a Thank You
Take five minutes after any interaction with a potential employer; write a thank you for their time and reiterate your interest in the job and company. Time is of the essence, so email is quick. Go even further by sending an actual hand-written thank you in the mail to really stand out. Show you’re genuine and really appreciated their time!

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