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Rate Your Candidate Experience
By Bonnie Johnson,


In our digital world, we’re constantly scrutinizing online reviews.  Online ratings are commonplace 5/5 stars, thumbs up, ‘likes.’  Now is your chance to rate your experience as a job seeker.  Tell us what you REALLY think!


The 2018 Candidate Experience Survey is a chance for you to be heard and provide feedback to employers on your experience as a candidate.  Plus, you also have a chance to win one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards!


Sample Survey Questions:

  • What is the most discouraging aspect of the job application process? 
  • What’s most influential in creating a positive interview experience for you?
  • How likely are you to share your candidate experience with friends and family, or on social networks? wants to hear from you, and so do ag and food employers.


What defines “Candidate Experience?”


Candidate experience is about how you’re treated as a job seeker and how you perceive you’re being treated throughout the hiring cycle.  Candidate Experience is the collective result of ALL the interactions you have with an employer in the recruitment and hiring process.


What does “Candidate Experience” include?


This process encompasses everything from the job posting, all the way to the training and onboarding process.  Candidate experience is important through each phase of the recruiting process, including:


  • Job posting
  • Application process
  • Interaction with HR/management
  • Assessments/testing
  • Interviews
  • Offer/rejection
  • Communication
  • Onboarding (integrating new hire into an organization)
  • Training strives to create a positive application experience for candidates while enabling agricultural employers to recruit and retain the best talent.


We’re asking for feedback on your experience as a candidate.  Share your thoughts on our Candidate Experience SurveyIt takes only minutes to complete and as thanks for your time, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card (ten winners will be randomly selected).  Your responses are confidential. 


An analysis of cumulative survey results will be shared with our followers to assist in improving the candidate experience in the agricultural industry.


Take the survey now:


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