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Putting Part-Time Work on Your Resume

By Shannon Fawns,


Navigating the do’s and don’ts of resume writing can be a daunting task. Deciding which job experiences to highlight, let alone which specific achievements to mention in each role, can make your resume seem like a puzzle. Being strategic in these decisions can make the difference between being overlooked for your dream job, or getting the call back to continue the conversation. It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t include EVERY previous job experience on your resume, especially if it isn’t recent or relevant; but that doesn’t mean that part-time work shouldn’t be included. There are several instances where your part-time work can work to your advantage, including when it is relevant, shows personal interests, and proves you have required skills.


Serving/Bar Tending: Often this type of job overlaps with school or other work placements – highlight your time management skills while juggling multiple responsibilities. Also, carefully consider what parts of this job to highlight; till management or the responsibility of closing up paints a more favorable picture than recording tips or developing a specialty drink.


Farm Labor: Contributions at the family farm should be included if they are recent. In this industry, nothing proves hard work, dedication, adaptability, and perseverance quite like farm work. Especially highlight any involvement in business planning, bookkeeping, or other tasks that show how your decisions are helping grow the business.


Volunteer Work:  All volunteer work is excellent to feature on your resume, and not just in a single line at the bottom of your resume. Volunteer efforts show your passion, and often display leadership skills even if you haven’t been in a leadership role in the working world yet. It’s difficult for hiring managers to be able to anticipate personality traits from a resume; but volunteer work instantly shows compassion, interests, and character. It could be the attribute that has you coming out on top in a close competition.


Even if you are in a job right now that is not aligned with your career path, you can consider part-time work or volunteering to supplement your experience and skill development. Think about what skills your dream job would require and then find a placement that can help you have those attributes on paper. You can find many part-time and full-time roles on as you build your career.


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