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Print or Online Employment Advertising?


By Australia


On the radio the other day I heard that over 30% of employees are looking online for their next role, while in their current employer's workplace.

As an employer this was quite shocking for productivity reasons alone, but these online searches may lead us to make an assumption about the convenience of being able to search for a job online.

Gone are the days of waiting till your capital city broadsheet newspaper came on sale each Saturday where you found yourself pouring through the hundreds of job ads over a coffee. In fact, the remaining jobs advertised in the newspapers today seem to feature very Senior Executive roles and they are usually found alongside Mercedes Benz advertisements.

The increase in accessing our information via digital media instead of printed newspapers has increased substantially and all the media organisations can do is to trial pay wall strategies, while hoping to retain their audience.

Similar to online shopping, house hunting and ordering your groceries, looking for next employment opportunity is as easy as pulling out your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It can take place anywhere - on the bus or train on the way home from work, or just sitting on the lounge. 

One reason to consider a shift from print to online advertising as well as convenience, may be cost. A small job advertisement in the local paper may cost between $ 1,000 and $ 1,200 and the circulation may only be 10,000 copies. These costs are comparable for many similar newspapers, as they are now owned by one media company. 

When thinking about advertising in newspapers, we must remember print readership numbers are only estimates of how many people within a family or household might see the paper and these numbers can't really be relied upon.

It may be worth considering advertising your organisations' next job opportunity online. Advertising online has the potential to reach an enormous amount of potential candidates, anytime, anywhere and it is very cost effective.

Agriculture and its supporting industries now offer a diverse range of employment opportunities and finding the perfect role or candidate online makes it much simpler than in the past. 

As an employer you are not only advertising, but you are marketing your organisation and its employment opportunities. Just as you would identify the target market for your goods or services, you need to advertise your employment opportunities to the reach the appropriate job seeker market.

But, not all online job advertisements are equal. We discuss how to write an effective online job advertisement in a future article.

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