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Post-Holiday Blues?  Get Motivated

By Sonya Buck, Australia


If you are lucky you’ve been enjoying well-earned break over the summer holidays, but now it’s time to press ‘reset’ and switch over to a work mindset.


No matter how long or short your break has been it’s not easy to get back into work mode, as our daily routine has changed to include leisure time and we’ve have spent this downtime with family and friends.


Sometimes it’s difficult to get motivated when we arrive back at work and some tips may be timely:


  1. Set career goals.  Your goals may range from obtaining more satisfaction from your current role, striving for a promotion or moving on to new opportunities.  It’s time to work out how you will achieve these goals and make a plan on how to get there.


  1. Ensure you carry out New Year resolutions which are important to you.  Keep commitments such as becoming fit and being healthy, as they have benefits in the workplace.


  1. Break your major projects into tasks to ensure you feel you are completing something all the time.


  1. Utilise a task list – it may be said often, but 10 minutes making a list in the morning and taking 5 minutes last thing each day to cross off what you have completed, will ensure you realise you are achieving something.  Make sure you flag the priorities on your list.


  1. To retain your motivation, stay away from negative people.  It can be contagious.


  1. We all like to be appreciated and enjoy a sense of achievement.  Reward yourself if you finish an important project, reach a goal or sales target.  Even small rewards of little monetary value will make all the difference.


  1. So much is said about work/life balance, but try and achieve it so you inspired in and outside of work.  At the start of the year is a good time to change priorities and practices.


  1. To stay motivated, seek out further skills you can learn in your current workplace.  Gaining new expertise will also enhance your future employment prospects.


  1. If you don’t have firm daily deadlines, mix up your mundane tasks and complete them at a different time, in that way all days will not feel the same.


  1. Establish a regular meeting schedule with your supervisor, so you can discuss progress. Having regular catchups will give your boss an opportunity to give you feedback and you can ensure you stay challenged in your role.


If you have tried everything to stay motivated and you just can’t make it work, consider the role or industry you would rather be working in.  Unfortunately, some workplaces will just not fulfil your daily satisfaction needs or long term career objectives.


Think about if study is required to move on to a new employment role and enroll in further education now.  There will be many learning opportunities available online and part-time, face to face.


No study required?  Check out the opportunities now and on a regular basis so you can find the role which will keep you happy and most importantly, motivated.