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Need Help Reaching Students?
Expand your Brand with the Ag & Food Employer Guide

Let help your organization reach more than 200 agricultural universities, colleges and educational groups across North America. If you are looking to expand your on-campus brand, consider the cost of a campus visit that reaches a single school versus the impact of participating in the 2016-2017 Ag & Food Employer Guide.

Even with the best efforts, it is hard for an employer to get their brand and career opportunities in front of all the talented students spread across many colleges and universities. The Ag & Food Employer Guide will help you connect with students and boost your on-campus brand. Check out our list of educational institutions that distributed the latest edition of the guide. Don’t see an institution your company would like to target? Let us know and we can add them to our distribution list.

If you are interested in being one of the featured elite businesses, review our media kit for more information.

The Ag & Food Employer Guide is a supplemental piece to Agri Marketing magazine and is a career resource for students and professionals across North America interested in careers within the agricultural industry. The Employer Guide provides branding recognition for leading ag and food organizations; a direct connection to students and professionals interested in ag and food careers; and educational content that engages and sustains readership.

The Ag & Food Employer Guide is directly distributed to more than 7,500 professionals through collaboration with Agri Marketing magazine, as well as to more than 17,000 students in North America via hard copy through university and college career services offices, and at career fairs, tradeshows and other campus programs. The Employer Guide is also available online. introduced new flip books for the current edition: U.S. Edition & Canadian Edition.

This is a unique opportunity for businesses to feature a branded profile dedicated to building a pipeline of talent through promoting internship and entry level programs/positions. The profile also promotes the overall company brand in a directory of elite industry businesses. Advertorial space is limited. Each employer advertiser receives a full-page, four-color advertorial.

The guide provides helpful career search advice with informational articles on resumes, interviews, references and other hot topics. This variety of editorial content extends the shelf-life of the piece and truly helps the publication become a guide for students as they go about their career search. Example articles from last year’s guides include: “The Modern Interview,” “Job Search Don’ts,” and “The Art of Business Travel.” The publication also features a listing of advanced education opportunities and institutes for agriculture.

Don’t wait as space is limited. The Employer Guide is distributed with the September issue of Agri Marketing magazine with artwork due in June. Advertising rates for the US edition are $2,500/page and in Canada $1,900/page. Each participating organization will also receive 100 copies of the Employer Guide.

If you would like to participate in the 2016-2017 U.S. and/or Canada Ag & Food Employer Guide, or have further questions, please contact Bonnie Johnson at; 800.929.8975 x6001.