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Navigating the Job Search Process: Career Video Series



Navigating the Job Search Process: Career Video Series

By Kristi Sproul,



There’s a lot to learn when it comes to the ins and outs of searching for an internship or full-time job. While there is an abundance of information online, we aim to bring you credible advice from the experts on the frontlines of making successful hires in a competitive job market. The holidays are coming up and while spending time at home, the only thing more certain than your relatives asking about your current relationship status is them asking what your future jobs plans are and what steps you’re taking to try and get hired. We want to ensure that you can confidently respond “I’ve got it covered!” and Agriculture Future of America (AFA) have teamed up to produce a video series titled “Navigating the Job Search Process.” These seven videos, around three minutes each, feature talent acquisition leads from major agricultural employers sharing insider tips that will help you develop your personal brand and stand out in the job search process.

Chapter 1 : LinkedIn
Snapchat isn’t going to get you hired. Now is the time to build an authentic profile on a professional platform. Chapter 1 addresses how a LinkedIn profile is utilized by employers, common profile mistakes and how to make your page standout.

Chapter 2 : Networking
“Make sure it’s a two-way conversation…make sure both parties are benefiting from the conversation and from the networking experience.” Tips like this from Angie Scott with Tyson Foods, as well as how to be intentional and prepared for the encounter are discussed in Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 : Impressions
Chapter 3 offers unique insight regarding what sets candidates and employees apart from others. Hear real-life examples of what students did to make a positive impression.




“Young professionals and interns can make an impression with their dedication to the company’s mission, commitment to their roles, demonstrating a strong work ethic and passion for what they do.”  

Tomesah Harrison – Bayer CropScience


“The biggest advice I would give to students now is the value in personal connections. It’s not how many you have, it’s the quality. It’s easy to default to LinkedIn or even just posting your application to a job. I just think that the best value is to make more of your networking connections.”

Jason Peterson – Cargill


Chapter 4 : Connections
Want to connect with these leading companies represented in the videos? Chapter 4 tells you specifically how to do just that!

Chapter 5: Resumes and Cover Letters
Tomesah Harrison (Bayer CropScience) notes that, “Your resume is what’s going to represent you when you’re not in the room.” This segment provides practical tips for crafting these vital documents as well as how to avoid the “black hole” after submission.

Chapter 6 : Interviews
Skype interviews are quickly becoming the new norm. Chapter 6 provides job seekers tips on how to make the most of this format.

General Advice
Solid advice worth listening to more than once. This video covers a range of topics with professional insight offered by those who have a wealth of experiences.

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