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Make Your Career Goals Materialize
By Bonnie Johnson,

As the new year approaches many people are setting (or are at least talking about) resolutions. Most of us are notorious for making New Year’s resolutions and quickly forgetting them by mid-January. Nevertheless, you can’t afford to call it quits so soon when it comes to your career.


Your career goals may range from obtaining more satisfaction in your current role, to striving for a promotion or moving on to a new opportunity. It’s time to set your goals and figure out how you can attain them in 2019.


How to Set & Achieve Career Goals


1. Negativity is contagious! To retain your motivation, stay away from those that bring you down with their pessimistic and complaining behaviors. These toxic people drain your enthusiasm.


2. Make a list of short and long-term goals. Incorporate short-term goals into a daily task list in the morning, while you cross off tasks as you complete them. This will help you realize you are really achieving something. Make sure to flag the priorities on your list.


3. Reward yourself and stay motivated. We all like to feel appreciated and enjoy a sense of achievement. Reward yourself if you finish an important project, reach a goal or sales target. Even small rewards of little monetary value will make all the difference.


4. Seek out further skills you can learn in your current workplace. Continued training is one of the top motivational approaches ag employers use to keep employees challenged and productive in their roles. Gaining new expertise will also enhance your future employment prospects.


5. Think about additional education. If it’s required to move on to a new employment role, then enroll in further study. There will be many learning opportunities available online and part-time (see our University Partners’ programs). Check if your current employer offers tuition reimbursement.


6. If you have tried everything to stay motivated and you just can’t make it work, consider the role, or company you’d rather be working for. Unfortunately, some workplaces will just not fulfill your daily satisfaction, needs, or long-term career objectives.


If a change is part of your career goals for 2019, examine various career profiles and opportunities described in the Careers In Agriculture E-Book.


Serious now about starting the search? Begin by adding or updating your resume to the database. Then be proactive; set up a job alert and use some of the smart search tools offers: