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Interviewing for a Remote Position


Working from a remote (home) office may come with a different set of expectations than what your employer has for on-site workers. It also comes with unique challenges for the employee. As you prepare to interview for a remote position its important to think about how the question topics may differ from those for an on-site role.

First to mind is accountability. Your potential employer needs to be assured that you will be at work to get the job done. Think about ways that you have previously proven your accountability and be ready to share examples during the interview.

Along the same lines is motivation and focus. The interviewer may ask questions that are aimed at determining whether you are able to excel without being surrounded by coworkers. Some people rely on the energy of those around them to be motivated to complete tasks. If this is how you are wired, then being in a home office by yourself is not a good fit! To be successful in a home office you need to rely on teamwork with your off-site peers, but also be able to self-motivate. During the interview tell your potential employer why you will be able to work well in a home office environment.

When interviewing for a remote position, there are also questions that you should be asking the employer:

  • How do I communicate with on-site staff?
    • Is instant message utilized or how will you keep in touch with on-site teammates throughout the day?
  • What type of office resources will I be supplied with?
    • Will the employer be providing you with printer paper and other office supplies? What about a phone line and computer?
  • What efforts are taken to include remote staff in team activities?
    • Feeling like part of the team is important for remote staff but can be more difficult to achieve without intentional efforts from the employer.

Because remote work has become more and more popular, your potential employer will know what to look for and set expectations if you are hired. It’s important to make sure that you can demonstrate the top traits a remote worker needs to succeed and ask the questions that will reveal whether this is the organization for you.