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Internships: How to Leave with a Lasting Impression

By Alyssa Schwarck, Iowa State University Student and Former Marketing Intern


Landing a prestigious internship in the current job market can be difficult, and for those students that were able to do so, how they finalize their experience is just as important as their first impression. It is essential for students to exit their internships on a high note and maintain a good relationship with their employer. Here are a few things to keep in mind as your summer experience comes to an end:


Ask for feedback

With only a few weeks left it is crucial to ask your manager for a professional evaluation. By being open to feedback it shows that you are open to constructive criticism and care about the work you have done. This is also a good way to get a conversation started about how things went throughout the internship. Make sure to take the initiative to ask about what you did well and to be open to advice on how to improve in your weaker areas.


Make Your Last Days Count

At the end of an internship, projects are starting to be wrapped up and you may find yourself with more down time than before. To make yourself really stand out, take this opportunity to contact your manager and coworkers and see if they need any help on projects. This shows that you want to go beyond your job description and will work hard up to your last hours as an intern.


Say Thank You!

Saying thank you is one of the most important steps in ending an internship. Take the time out to show your appreciation to everyone that you worked with. Send a personalized thank you note to those that you connected with over the summer. This shows that you are willing to give others credit for their help but that you also appreciated the time you spent with the company. It is vital to show your gratitude for those that assisted you along the way and will help make lasting connections.


Get Connected

Even though the internship has ended, make sure to keep up with their social media. Put your networking skills to use and add those connections on Linkedin! This is a great way to see what your coworkers and company are up to. While you are at it- make sure to follow the companies Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date. This aids as a way to get the latest news on their projects and to stay informed about job openings.


Stay in Touch

To stay relevant in your boss’s mind, check in every once in a while! Let them know what you are up to and if you have found an internship for next summer or even a full time job. Companies like to know where there interns go with their careers and see it as a way to make connections with other companies. This can lead to new networking opportunities along the way. It can be as easy as saying hello or congratulating them on something the company has done. Staying in contact with previous employers can help you keep up to date and could create new career opportunities.


These tips are a great way to stay relevant in the working world. Leaving an internship is hard but when following these tips, you will be leaving on the right foot while making a lasting impression.