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How to Rock a Virtual Career Fair

By Kristine Penning, is very excited to host a June 13 Virtual Career Fair event and we would love it if you could join us! Registered employers are hiring for a variety of positions, including those in the skilled trade realm. Wondering if you should attend? While a virtual career fair is slightly different from a traditional career fair in that it is done from the comfort of your home online, it is also very much the same in that professionalism and diligence should be exhibited. Here are a few tips to rock your virtual career fair experience and impress employers:



Read Up


Do some research around companies that you may be interested in speaking with. Learn about which jobs they have open and what they’re hiring for. Also learn about what they do and anything newsworthy so that you can form a valuable discussion with them.



Be Professional


If you’re planning to attend a virtual career fair, you might think that you’ll be okay wearing your pajamas and multi-tasking with something else. However, employers will be able to sense if you’re not fully invested, even over the Internet, so get yourself in the professional mindset. Dress up a little at least to make this happen and be sure to focus your attention solely on the career fair.

When you speak with employers online, also be sure to be courteous and professional. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can use emojis, “LOL,” or speak informally.



Have Your Resume Ready


Be able to talk about your past experiences and accomplishments by having your resume handy. Also be sure to have it saved digitally so you can send it online if needed. If you’re able to, also tailor your resume to any specific companies you have genuine interest in working for.



Avoid Technical Difficulties


Be sure that you are in a room or an environment with a secure network connection. Also familiarize yourself with the how the virtual career fair interface works prior to beginning to engage with employers.





If you have a valuable conversation with any employer at the virtual career fair, be sure to get their contact information. Thank them for attending the virtual career fair and for the time that you got to communicate. Express your interest in their organization and any open position you discussed again. This will help bridge the potential for a successful hire.



Ready to put these tips to the test? Get registered for’s June 13 Virtual Career Fair and connect with top-notch agricultural employers without leaving home.