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How to Make Work for You

By Kristi Sproul,


Job searching can seem like a full-time job when you’re actively looking for a new role! Constantly checking websites for new job postings and reentering the same profile information repeatedly can become exhausting and even overwhelming. Thankfully offers several tools to help make the job search more efficient for you!

To take advantage of these tools and make do the heavy lifting for you, the first step is to set up your profile.

Creating a Profile
Creating a profile with allows you to upload a resume which can be viewed by the employers that utilize our resume database! While you are not required to upload a resume, it does increase the chance of it being viewed by employers and can simplify the application process for some jobs. If you need help creating or updating your resume has several resources with advice, including this article from our weekly newsletter archives.

Creating a profile is also necessary to unlock extra features on like job search agents.

Creating Job Search Agents
Think of job search agents like your personal assistant! Creating job search agents ensures that you never miss a job that may interest you. To create a job search agent, you will first need to have created a profile and then sign in. Once you are signed in hover over the Job Seekers menu on the top navigation bar and then from the Search Tools section select Job Search Agent and then Add an Agent.

You will be asked to name your agent (multiple agents can be set up, so naming helps distinguish one from another). Next, you will select the criteria for this specific agent. This includes the industry type, career type, location and any keywords that the job description must contain. You can also choose to exclude jobs that contain specific words in the description. Once the criteria are set to your liking simply select Add Agent. Now your personal assistant will do the work for you, pulling jobs that match your criteria and sending you an email notice once per week with any new positions that are a fit!

Saved Jobs
Not ready to apply to a position, but want to easily access the job posting in the future? The Saved Jobs feature allows you to keep track of up to 20 positions of interest. When viewing a position that you’d like to remember, simply click the “Save this job” button that appears above the job description.

You can view your saved jobs by hovering over the Job Seekers menu on the top navigation bar and then from the Search Tools section select Saved Jobs.

Application History
Applications can start to run together in your head and it’s easy to forget what job you applied for when! will keep track of the position(s) you apply for and the date that materials were submitted. You can view your application history by hovering over the Job Seekers menu on the top navigation bar and then from the Search Tools section select Application History.

Utilize these tools to save you time and find your next role with!

Check out career opportunities at is here to offer support. To assist our employers and job seeker community, we have compiled a list of resources regarding COVID-19 and the agriculture industry. You will also find employment resources to help navigate through these difficult times.
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Last Updated: 04/01/2020