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How To Attract The Best Candidates

By Sonya Buck, Australia


Whether it’s a newly created role or you are filling a position which has existed for a long time, it’s important to attract the best candidates to your business. Here are some tips to ensure your next hire is a great fit.


Get the job description right

The first step is to ensure you have an accurate job description. Sometimes an existing role may have changed over time and this gives you the opportunity to edit or add to the job description. Any good job advertisement will include the most important aspects of the role and they will be lifted from the position description document.


Create a great advertisement

Ensure your position advertisement includes all the essentials: Accurate job title; small intro about your company; intro about the role, essential and desirable selection criteria; information stating simply how to apply and a closing date. Closing dates enable candidates to manage their time when applying and it motivates them to move quickly.


Decide where you are going to advertise

Think about the candidates for the type of role and where they will be looking for a job. Consider If print advertising is the way to go or online, or a combination of both. For example: Would someone in their early twenties look in a newspaper for their next position?


As well as online advertising, why not use social media? When advertising online, ensure you have a link back to your website with further information on the role, eg. you can provide a copy of the position description on your site. If you have regular positions to fill, create a recruitment portal on your site which makes applying easy.


Are you worth working for?

Make sure you offer competitive salary and benefits, and to arrive at this, benchmark your business against others and follow awards. Also, do the right thing by your employees and you’ll receive positive word of mouth.


Completing the employment process

The recruitment process does not end after you have held interviews and selected a candidate. Now it’s time to onboard your new staff member.


If possible, make sure you send the employment agreement and any associated forms (eg Superannuation, Personal Details and Tax File Number etc), electronically. If the forms can be created to be completed online (PDF with editable fields), that will save on time. Even providing a digital signature field to your employment forms is a great idea.


By thinking before you recruit, you are sure to attract and secure the right candidates.