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The Guide to Social Media and How Companies Use It to Hire You
By Rich DeMatteo, Corn on the Job

Online presence screening has never been a significant topic until in recent years when companies check out people’s online identities as the basis for their hiring potential.  Social media background check is now a standard action both for personal and career-related reasons. Companies now go for a social media check to make sure that they’re hiring the right people and the people they hire are best at maintaining professionalism in the workplace. Social media screening is not only helpful for companies, but they’re also a necessary tool to make sure that they get the right data about someone they’re about to hire.

Everyone is Online

In recent reports, nearly 70 percent of people today are using search engines like Google and Yahoo to find answers for any question. This was a significant increase since last year’s 59 percent increase, and with this number, you know that companies will maximize it. This makes it a bit risky to try to upload embarrassing pictures about you in parties because your future employers might see it. It’s for this reason that people opt not to upload an online presence, and just erase all data online about them. But some companies will see this in the negative light. It was even reported that most companies are less likely to call a candidate if they’re not showing any online presence.

The Importance of Online Identity

This issue of companies looking into your online data makes it even more important to upload a professional identity online. Having the social media pages checked by the companies has significantly paid off for some job seekers, especially that the social networking site one is part off is an indication of their potential to work in a certain company. Unfortunately, this issue makes it even harder for the candidates to maintain a particular online persona to keep the companies interested in their ability to work in their companies.

What Companies Don’t Like

There are many reasons why companies look into a person’s online persona, and they might not be the reasons you expect. Companies are not necessarily looking for negative things that you’re saying online. What they’re after when they do check your online presence is things that will give them a clue of how you might handle the information and situations that you will experience at work. Some of the things that you upload online that may leave a bad impression to your employers include your provocative videos or photos, and any information that you post about drinking or using drugs.

If you have discriminatory comments that you say against any race, gender or religion, that might also be a turn off to any employer looking for an employee they can hire. If the person also badmouths their previous employers, that might also be a turn-off, and that will also lead to candidates being disqualified from a position or from getting a call. The people looking for you online will also want to know how poor or great your communication skills are, so that’s another way they’re looking for when they’re trying to look for your social media presence.