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Graduates of Kansas State University agriculture degrees at the forefront of solving global food issues

According to the United Nations, the world population is estimated to reach 9.6 billion by the year 2050. With a growing population comes the need for a growing food supply and more trained professionals in the agriculture industry who can meet the needs and challenges of an ever changing world.

Kansas State University is working to educate individuals who can make an impact on food and agriculture issues on a global level.

Professionals who earn an online degree from K-State in food science, animal sciences and industry, agribusiness or a minor in bakery or feed science are at a competitive advantage in the agriculture sector as they work to conquer today’s global food issues.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in food science from K-State teaches professionals how to design, process and market safe, wholesome and attractive food products for consumption throughout the world. The degree provides opportunities to work with several food commodities including cereal, dairy, meats and poultry, and fruits and vegetables. Career options for individuals in this field are available in food safety and microbiology, quality assurance, processing and operations management and research and development.

On the business side of the agricultural industry, K-State offers an award-winning Master of Agribusiness program designed for mid-level agribusiness managers who need to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of current agribusiness issues. Individuals in the program complete company-related projects in many courses, solving issues for their own firms.

For those with an interest in the care and management of animals and livestock, K-State offers a bachelor’s degree in animal sciences and industry. The program builds individuals’ knowledge in business, food/meat processing, technology, evaluation, quality assurance and food safety. Graduates of the program work as breeding managers, animal care technicians, animal nutritionists, feed lot managers and livestock consultants. Graduates also serve as extension agents, animal nutritionists and animal health pharmaceutical sales representatives.

K-State also offers undergraduate stand-alone minors in bakery science and feed science. Students in the bakery science minor will gain a basic background of the industry, including the functionality of ingredients in baked goods and the characteristics of cereal grains. The feed science program increases students’ knowledge of animal feed manufacturing technology and techniques in selection and application of equipment required to develop specific types of feeds. Completing a minor in these areas can help those interested in careers such as product development, technical sales, production management and quality assurance.

Currently, there is a greater number of professionals needed in the agriculture industry than there are graduates of agriculture-related programs. Earning an online degree through K-State in one of these fields can help prepare individuals for career success in the industry and create long-term usefulness of their degree through industry demand.

Professionals with agriculture degrees are meeting needs and making a change in the agricultural industry and the world.

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