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Gender Roles & Equality:  Where Does The Ag Industry Stand?
By Bonnie Johnson, Marketing Associate recognized the need to examine the roles men and women play in the agricultural industry.  The  Gender Roles & Equality in Agribusiness survey was conducted this summer.  Responses from more than 2,000 people were analyzed to reveal some positive, but also a few negative associations between gender and equality in agribusiness.


What we’re doing right


It appears that the ag industry as a whole is on the right track, since both men and women felt there was a higher level of gender equality in agribusiness than in the overall professional world.  More than 80% of both genders felt that the attitude toward women working in agribusiness has changed for the better in the past ten years.  Nearly 90% of women felt optimistic about their opportunity for advancement in agriculture.


Room for improvement


Men felt more respected in the agricultural workplace than females.  Half of women said they had experienced blunt sexism or discrimination based on their gender in the workplace.  Responses also indicate a disparity in pay between genders, with men typically earning more.  There was also a difference in employment levels, with more men in higher level roles.  More than 70% of women felt outnumbered by men in agribusiness.


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For additional details, view our Survey Highlights or download the full Survey Report free online.


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