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Four Good Reasons to Reject a Job Offer

By Rich DeMatteo, Corn on the Job


Just because you receive a job offer doesn’t mean you have to take it. This might sound obvious, but it’s actually a novel concept for many. To that end, we’ll explore four good reasons to turn down a job:

Insufficient Salary
In business, the bottom line matters a great deal. As such, it’s important to find a job that you enjoy and that meets your income needs. Of course, professionals should research their field to ensure that their salary requests are reasonable. Yet, if a company is offering you far less than what you deserve, then don’t be afraid to walk away.

Some people don’t mind packing their belongings in a U-Haul and setting off for a new city or state to get a new job. However, for many, relocation is a deal-breaker. Of course, sometimes professionals may decide to pass on a position in their own city if it’s not in a good location or near their home. Commuting over an hour every day to work is hardly ideal, and a lot of professionals wouldn’t want to uproot their families to accommodate a new job.

Lack of Benefits
There’s more to every job than a base salary. In fact, sometimes benefits like vacation time or investment opportunities can make a job all the more appealing. On the other hand, if a new employer isn’t offering the kind of benefits you’re looking for, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable asking for more.

No Engagement
So, you’ve managed to find a job that pays well, that’s near your location, and that offers compelling benefits. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it might not be. At the end of the day, it’s important for employees to feel engaged and interested in their work on a daily basis. Landing a job that allows you to follow your passions and interests isn’t easy, for sure, but it’s worth pursuing all the same. Remember, you can’t put a dollar figure on job satisfaction and happiness!

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