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Employee Training In 2016: What You Should Know
By Rich DeMatteo, Corn on the Job


Although it’d be great if it did, the world of business never sits still. Every little facet of running a successful company is being morphed and tweaked even as we speak. You need to keep up with these changes and accommodate for them if you want to ensure the success of your company. Here are a few modern training trends you should be thinking about.

The first thing you should be considering is the amount of millennials working at your company. These days, people born between 1981 and 2000 make up the largest portion of the average western workforce. More and more baby boomers are retiring, and as they go fresh-faced millennials are going to take their place. As the workforce changes, your training strategies should too. Training materials from ten years ago aren’t going to resonate as well with this modern demographic. If you’re using training techniques which are even older than a decade, then you need to change things around quickly! Modern training resources have been found to help engagement and productivity within the workplace. Obviously you shouldn’t neglect them. From soft skills to CPE training seminars, every part of your training has to fit the employees.

Once you’ve catered for the millennial generation, you’ll have to repeat the process for a different one! When you hear people talking about “generation Z”, they mean anyone who was born in the 21st century. The oldest people of this generation are just turning 16. It may sound a long way off, but before you know it those kids are going to be doing entry-level jobs at your company. Scary, right? The thing to remember here is that millennials grew up adopting new technologies. Those from generation Z, on the other hand, don’t know any different. Traditional training materials, such as binders of instructions, will be an alien artefact to these people. When you start hiring from the generation Z pool, you need to treat mobile technology as a given, not an innovation.

Another thing you should know is that your employees are going to have more employment options open to them. The global recession is fading into history, and many economies are showing remarkable strength. Obviously this is good news, but there’s a downside to it for employers. When this new generation of workers joins your company, they’ll know that there are other jobs out there just waiting for them. This is why modern, engaging training is so important. Let’s say a young professional wants to take their first steps towards their dream job. You need to make sure you’re grabbing their attention immediately. If they find that you’re using outdated tactics, and boring them half to death, they’re not going to stick around! More and more, the “a job is a job” attitude is going to dissipate.

As we move more and more into the future, pay attention to the training tactics you use. Different generations will require different resources. If you fail to seize those resources, then you’ll only be helping your nearest competitor.