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Don’t Pause Your Job Search Over the Holidays
By Bonnie Johnson,


The hustle, the bustle, the hectic holidays! There is so much going on, that you might think about putting your job search on hold over the season. Can you afford to take a break now? Is it worthwhile to continue your job search during the upcoming holiday season? Don’t hit the pause button yet…


Top Three Reasons to Continue Your Career Search During the Holiday Season:


  1. Companies are NOT taking a hiring holiday — ag employers are still recruiting! To illustrate this, we look at last December when employers posted more than 4,000 new jobs on Over 100 new employers signed up to use in December of 2017.

  2. If other job seekers are taking time off for the holidays, you can be a standout candidate when you take advantage of less competition. Carefully read the job description for projects the position entails, and search for company news online about any new programs the company is embarking on in 2019. Be assertive; use your cover letter to explain how you can help the potential employer meet and exceed their goals for the upcoming New Year. Make sure to build keywords from the job posting into your resume.

  3. Make good use of your holiday time off. If you’re currently employed and lucky enough to get extra time off over the holidays, use your time wisely! Set aside a few hours of this holiday time off to search, apply, and prepare for a potential interview. At the very least, update your resume to include your recent accomplishments at work. Craft your updated answer for the notorious “Tell me a little about yourself…” question. Use holiday gatherings as networking opportunities to practice your elevator speech.


There are currently more than 6,500 job opportunities posted on, from sales agronomist to software developer, intern, and truck driver. Don’t let December be a wasted month in your search for an exciting agricultural career—search and apply today at