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Do You Have an Employee Induction Program?
By Sonya Buck, Australia

Whether you are a small business or large organisation, you’ll need an employee induction program.
When a new employee commences it’s so important that they quickly understand their role and responsibilities and a good induction program gets them off to a great start.

Not only do employees need an induction program, they need either you or an existing staff member to help them through the process, and the investment in time will pay dividends as they settle into their new role.

There are quite a few items to cover in an induction program and creating a spreadsheet template or word document will assist you to induct each new recruit. Just list the activities, tick the box as they have been completed and add the date. You may even consider that the new employee signs when they have received company documents, including policies and procedures.

Firstly, you’ll need to cover all the practical aspects of the office including introducing them to their colleagues, managers, and supervisors.

You or a colleague will need to take them on a tour of your business premises, pointing out important areas such as toilets; fire escapes; break rooms and their workspace.

Next, supply their email address, direct phone number, and computer access details.

Then, provide them with general information on your business, which may include:


  • Policies and procedures
  • Annual reports
  • Business plan
  • Marketing materials
  • Organisational charts
  • Phone lists and phone manual

Record essential details such as:


  • Superannuation account
  • Bank account details for wages
  • Tax file number
  • Emergency contacts
  • Probation period, if necessary

Ensure they take part in an occupational health and safety induction as soon as possible.

Now it is time to explain their duties, any immediate priorities, and the training you have planned for them.

If they will be reporting directly to you, let them know the kind of boss you are – eg open door policy, travel a lot etc. Ensure you schedule a time to catch up over the coming week.

Remember, don’t expect your new staff member to be very productive in the first week, as induction will take up much of their time.