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Don’t Stop Job Searching Over the Holidays
By Bonnie Johnson, Marketing Associate



There are flurries of activities in November and December.  Is it worthwhile to continue your job search during the upcoming holiday season?  YES, absolutely!  Companies are still hiring!


“Companies don’t want to start January unprepared.  So what are they doing right now?  They are looking for those key individuals who are going to help them be on track next year,” said Dan Miller, 48 Days.


For example, when we look at last November and December, employers posted more than 10,000 North American jobs on  Nearly 200 new employers signed up to use in November and December of 2014.


And if other job seekers are taking time off for the holidays, you can take advantage of this time to be a stand-out candidate.  Carefully read the job description for projects the position entails, and search for company news online regarding any new programs the company may be embarking on in 2016.   Be assertive; use your cover letter to explain how you can help the potential employer meet and exceed their goals for the upcoming New Year.  Make sure to build key words from the job posting in your resume.  However, be mindful of holidays when you are following up with employers and make a note of the job posting expiration date if available.  Some employers may not contact candidates until after the posting is closed.


There are currently more than 6,600 job opportunities posted on, from Electrician, to Bookkeeper, Custom Applicator, Penrider and Research Assistant.  Just because November and December are filled with special holiday events and end-of-year happenings, don’t let them be wasted months in your search for an exciting agricultural career—search and apply today at!