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Career Growth: The Why’s of Webinars

By Bonnie Johnson,


Employees want to know you’re committed to their growth and staying up-to-date on the latest information and technology. One simple way to accomplish this is through webinars, or online learning. In return, employees show increased engagement, productivity, and commitment to their work and the organization.


All managers and human resource professionals should understand the importance of retention and continued development of current staff members. Continued training is one of the top motivational approaches ag employers use to keep employees challenged and productive in their roles.


Especially noteworthy for HR professionals, is approved as a Society for Human Resource Management Recertification Provider. Participants in webinars are eligible to receive one SHRM Professional Development Credit (PDC) for each webinar. The webinars provide education on HR topics, along with career growth skills.


Why else should you and your employees participate? Quite simply, its convenience and affordability. The 2019 Webinar Series schedule has already been released. Employers can subscribe to the entire series and save $455. Do you have training dollars to use before the end of the year? Register for the entire series and pay one low price of $490 now (webinars are normally $189/each). Multiple attendees can gather in one place to access the webinars, thus saving travel expenses and time.


2019 Webinar Series

  • January 25:        Advancing Diversity & Inclusion Efforts in Your Organization
  • March 29:          Crafting Effective Job Descriptions
  • May 31:              Bridging the Skilled Trade & 2 Year Recruiting Conundrum
  • September 27:  Leadership Coaching for New Managers
  • November 22:  Total Wellness & Comprehensive Benefits


Find out more about this limited time offer here.


You can still catch our last webinar of 2018 on a crucial topic, Difficult but Necessary: Having Key Conversations. Discover details and register here.


Even if you can’t attend a live webinar, recordings are available. This can be particularly useful to keep track of which employees were trained on a subject.


Recordings of past webinars are also available for $189 on vital topics such as:

  • Coping Strategies for Changing Times
  • Interviewing Techniques for Employers
  • Keeping Negativity Out of the Workplace
  • Fighting Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Effective Onboarding for Employee Engagement


To purchase a recording, contact