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Australian Workers: Staying and Wanting More



The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) data shows that Australian workers are staying at their jobs longer than they did a decade ago, which may equal less turnover headaches and recruiting costs for employers. As of February 2019, 80% of employees had been in their job a year or longer. Fewer people have left or lost their jobs in the past ten years (ABS).

However, it’s still less than perfect conditions with increased mobility for workers and underemployment (ABS). Many Australian workers report they want or need to work more hours – they are underemployed. Underemployment occurs when a person is employed at less than full-time, or at jobs that are inadequate in relation to their needs or training.

More people were underemployed in 2019 than there was a decade ago; over one million Australians are underemployed in 2019 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Nearly half of underemployed part-time workers have been in the situation a year or more.

Their Participation, Job Search and Mobility Survey found the main reasons people didn’t actively search for jobs were:

1) Attending an educational institution
2) Caring for children
3) Discouraged job seekers
4) Long-term health condition/disability

When underemployed people were looking for more work, ABS found that the top search method was examining job ads on the internet, newspapers and noticeboards. That’s where online job boards, like, encourage the connection process for both agricultural employers and job seekers.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that nearly 40% of underemployed workers are willing to relocate for a job (17% interstate; 23% intrastate). showcases jobs in agriculture and food across Australia, New Zealand, and around the world. Find out more about job postings, or search jobs now at

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