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Are You Missing Out on Key Job Search Resources?

If you are actively looking for a new job opportunity, or even if you are just passively looking, it is important to know all the resources that are available to you. Are you using all of the job search techniques out there? offers several tools that can help you manage and expand your career search, such as the resume database, application history, job search agents and more.

Most of these tools are available when you setup a free job seeker profile.

Resume Database
The Resume Database allows you to market yourself to potential employers. Employers conduct thousands of resume searches each month. The database is especially valuable for displaced workers, unemployed job seekers and candidates that are moving or willing to relocate. Post your resume to the database now.

Save Jobs
It is rare that you actually have time to apply for a job the second you find it. You can save jobs to your account to come back to at a later time. Click on “Save this Job” in the upper right corner of the job listing. Your saved jobs can be viewed by clicking on “Saved Jobs” under the main job seeker drop-down menu.

Application History
It is important to keep track of your applications and know that your application was indeed processed. If you apply to positions on with your job seeker account, it will save an application history for you. Simply log into your account and scroll to the bottom of the first page- you’ll see your application history there.

Save Resumes and Cover Letters
Even if you want to keep your resume confidential and not add it to the database, you can still save multiple resume versions and cover letters to your job seeker profile. This can help organize and streamline the application process later.

Job Search Agent
If you are always searching the same keywords when you visit, save time by creating a Job Search Agent. The agent stores a search that will run each time you login. This allows you to quickly see the positions that meet your search criteria when you login to your account.

Mobile Apps
Job search on-the-go with the Job Seeker Apps. Download now from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Social Media
Social media is a terrific career networking tool, but following can help you learn about specific opportunities in the agricultural industry. Besides sharing career advice, highlighting key employers, you’ll also receive notice of new job postings. Follow